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Aug 23 2009

Dear Google Reader users :)


Dear GR users,

There are two interesting documents I let my self to recommend you here if you encounter problems:
1.Google Reader Feature Request: http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0Ac6tFcdqBeW3ZGc5YzZrY2JfNTU1ZjZtYmZwZ24&hl=en_GB
2. Google Reader FAQhttp://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AVG9onQVIoXjZHhjcWZ4eF82OWNqNjd3emM3&hl=en_GB

Feel free to add to those documents.

If you have problems with Comments try to first read this:http://polnor.net/minds/2009/08/commenting-in-google-reader/ and if this does not help: Clean your Contacts in Gmail – system is still new and sometimes you will have additional entries on your Contact list (which you can merge with the contact or delete). You have to also add manually name field – it does not ‘pull’ names yet.
And last but not least – not everybody enable comments or even follow back here because it can create issues for your security/privacy -> if you follow a person and enable comments this person can see your Gmail address which makes it potentially easy to:
1. Spam you,
2. ‘Crack’ your account.

With kind regards,

Hanna (aka ‘tamihania’)

PS. On a lighter note – Google Reader with Comments is a wonderful system, different from other social tools but the tool which can empower your research, interesting discussions, discovery and collaboration with other people. It is still very new but develops quickly. And it is very flexible. I, for one, like it and will use it. I am looking forward to meet you there :)

Jul 18 2009

Daily Digest for July 18th

pyt-think-w1Today’s collection of our (my and my family’s) links from around the Web:

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Jul 5 2009

Springpad – simple notebook or more?

Do note [Closed]
Image by Paul Watson via Flickr

Thanks to Svartling, I came across interesting and feature-rich web application today – Springpad.
Actually it’s much more than notebook and it’s very easy to use. It’s refreshing to find so user-friendly application with plenty possibilities (only your imagination sets the limits – see below: in comments of Svartling FF entry) :)

On aside note – Springpad is in beta and, as Svartling writes, one can have small problems at the beginning during registration process (my husband encountered this, too…). I had to repeat registration twice but at the end it worked – I’ve got confirmation e-mail. The application has the calendar, to-do lists, reminders and integration with fi. Google Calendar – well, I just started to play with it…

I suppose that next I will try the mobile interface of Springpad and possibility of publishing (I mean blogging, of course) notes. Perhaps one could also integrate it with FriendFeed…? Well, it’s just a vague idea.

Some excerpts from FriendFeed on Springpad:

  • Svartling note on FF
  • And two videos you can watch to get you started on Springpad

I hope you will enjoy this little web application as much as I do – especially, if you were searching for Google Notebook substitute – it seems to be a decent replacement option… ;)

Jun 13 2009

Google Wave Questions and Answers (via Lifehacker)

Google Wave Preview

Lifehacker – Google Wave Questions and Answers – Google Wave Preview.

Splendid article by Gina Trapani – she’s lucky to have the opportunity to try Wave as one of the firsts!

Well, our time will come… soon – I hope. For now – enjoy the article where Gina explains Wave.

From the article:

Q: Explain it in 140 characters, please. I’m still a bit in the shadow about what it DOES. -roxaloxa
A: Simplest terms: Google Wave is Gmail on crack. Imagine Gmail, Google Talk, and Google Docs in one big inbox.

Nov 4 2008

Live results from Google

…of presidential election in the United States of course. (Not only for our American friends!). Enjoy this fantastic Google widget:

And let the best win…

EDIT: And the best one has won – thank you Americans!

the 44th President of the United States...Bara...

Image via Flick by jmtimages