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How I became the member of Theme Hybrid

This is how (I spotted it yesterday while browsing the ThemeHybrid site):

October 14th, 2008 WordPress

Club memberships at Theme Hybrid for $10

And I can tell you – it is a bargain! Great offer – just check yourself! According to me, the membership is worth more and I was thinking of becoming a member for quite some time. The only reason I did not join Theme Club on Hybrid site earlier is that I was not convinced if I will blog here for a longer time (amount of time and effort needed for it – do I have it? or rather – will I have it still?). But Justin Tadlock’ s offer was too good to resist. This offer + my “aforementioned catastrophe” = new Theme Club member.

Check yourself – among other things you will be able to acquire this Child Theme:

Beautiful Options Child Theme

I just downloaded it yesterday – and I have to tell you – it is beautiful. I just have to change the header (read it: spend some time playing in Gimp) – and you will see it here, on my site. :)

But it’s not only about what you can “get” for your money – it is mainly about supportng good cause. If you want Justin (and also other WordPress designers) to create those pieces of art – well, I think you should join their clubs. At least this is my meaning. And this is how Open Source works…

4 Responses to “How I became the member of Theme Hybrid”

  • J Mehmett Says:

    Justin Tadlock is a talented WP man. I really like his ideas. Thanks for sharing this.

  • hanna Says:

    Thank you for stepping by and taking time for commenting.

  • Justin Tadlock Says:

    Thanks for joining the club.

    For me, it’s never been about the money, but I also had to find a balance between theming and my regular life. So, putting a small price tag on things lets me get more work done and give back to the community. Plus, having a large community, helps keep things cheap.

    I’m glad you decided to join. And, the theme looks good on your site (if you’ll allow me to boast a little).

  • hanna Says:

    Hi Justin – and first of all – thank you for your comment – I feel really honoured!
    And, yes – the theme looks splendid – even my son (21-year old web developer – sic!) is speechless and does not advice me to change anything this time… :D So, it is me to say “thank you” to you.
    As to money – do not feel bad that you charge for your work. For the first – price is really very small (it was affordable even before you introduced this amazing offer), for the second – as far as I understand Open Source – it is totally OK to charge for software and service (take a look at Red Hat and Mandriva, for example) as long as you keep the code available to the public – and you do it! People like me, who do not have knowledge to write the code themselves, have to pay for it. Come on – I am the teacher – I want bread for my teaching service, too :)
    I hope that your community – or may I say ours…? – will grow and I hope that you will keep on creating those coding masterpieces. Best luck from a long-time Linux and Open Source user!

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